Accept payments

Choose payment methods

You can accept payments by bank card, bank transfer, check, order form (payment on site) among others. You should at least implement a CB payment method.

An external payment service provider manages credit card payments. Each payment service provider has different subscription terms and prices. The E-commerce package is compatible with Stripe and Paygreen. The Pro package has more than 20 payment service providers (including banks) and also enables to implement any optional service provider.

For a quick start, you should opt for Stripe, as you directly subscribe online and there are no monthly costs. You can also choose Paygreen.

If you run a well-developed business, your bank’s payment gateway will be more economical.

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Install payment methods

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Once you have selected a Store block in the SiteW editor, click on Payment methods > Add another payment method and choose a method in the list. For these payment methods (bank transfer, check, order form), indicate payment instructions in the provided boxes.

To install other payment methods (credit card, PayPal…), first, register with a payment service provider and then follow the indicated instructions. According to your provider, you will directly enter information to enable your payment method (Example: Stripe, PayPal) or get in touch with us so that we tell you the necessary elements to implement your website payment method.

Online payment method without credit card

Now it’s possible to pay online without using a credit card thanks to these services: PayPal, Paylib, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Ali Pay… Such as for card payments, you need to register with a payment service provider. Depending on the case, you might use the payment service provider directly (Example: PayPal) or a middle provider (Example: Apple Pay might be installed by using Stripe). Ask your payment service provider which payment methods they offer.

Payment by instalments

Some payment providers might offer payment by instalments, and we can install it (included or optional depending on the provider). Depending on your payment service provider, the payment might be guaranteed or dependent on the supply of the customer’s account.

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Receive funds

Depending on your payment service provider, the payments you have received might be done automatically and daily (example: your bank system) or if you request it from a middle payment account (example: PayPal). To do so, ask your payment service provider.

Watch out
Info warning
The payment failed.

There is no order form related to failed payments, and orders aren’t displayed in the SiteW back office. However, they might be visible on the system payment back office. If you want to get in touch with the customers who have abandoned their cart, use the dedicated feature (email for cart abandonment).

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Last update: February 07, 2023