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Delivery through a partner carrier

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Once you have selected a Store block in the SiteW editor, click on Shipping costs > Add a new shipping method.

You access a wide range of carriers. For these carriers, shipping costs are automatically calculated depending on the product weight. If necessary, a screen to choose a pick-up point is displayed.

Watch out: The quoted price may be different
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The price calculated may be different from the public price of the carrier. If you want to charge the exact price, follow the instructions in the Custom fee section.  

Delivery method for specific products

You can keep a delivery method for some product categories.

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Choose the categories to include or exclude for the method you have implemented.

Packaging weight

It’s possible to take the packaging weight into account in the parcel you will deliver. It’s useful if your packaging is heavier than your product.

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Indicate a weight per item and a weight per order.

Click & collect

Enable your customers to pay online and enjoy a delivery directly to your store.

Here are the steps to offer your customers click & collect:

Store block > Shipping costs > Add a new shipping method > Store pick-up

Once you have chosen your pick-up point, you just need to fill in the different options (if necessary): display name, description, packaging.

Other delivery rate

It’s possible to define a specific price list in the following cases:

  • carrier that we don’t offer

  • implement preferential prices negotiated with a carrier

  • offer attractive shipping costs independent of the delivery cost

To that end, you can choose between several calculation methods with a price list depending on:

  • order weight (Other carrier method)

  • order amount

  • number of articles

  • postcode

Pick-up points may be used for these delivery methods. You must choose yours among our pick-up point list.

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Once you have chosen your delivery method, click on Add a price for another shipping zone or range to define several prices depending on calculation criteria.

We can also add other optional carriers who offer automatic price calculation and other pick-up points.

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Last update: July 19, 2022