Online store: add your products

Once you have added a Store block to a page and before planning how to organize your products, first you should add a few products to your store.

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Click on + to add a new product and reach the product page (the Store block should be selected).

Create a new product

Basic information

store block

Edition of a product page

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Complete your page product with the basic information about your product: name, price, one or several images, stock, weight (if you want the calculation of the shipping costs to be exact), description.
To go further: Lay your description out
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You can use all the text tools to lay your description out and add links as well as images to it.


If you want to organize your products in different pages, you should indicate one or various categories (or subcategories). To make it easier, you need to create a category each time you want a page to display many products together.

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In the blue panel, click on Categories and menu and create a new category by choosing a name (for example: trousers to add jeans and jogging pants to the same page). Then choose this category in the product.

In the following chapter, we will see how to display these categories on different pages.

Watch out
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Your products are related to your website (not a page). They can be displayed on several, one or any page / Store block of your website. If you haven’t chosen the right categories displayed on a page / Store block or the categories of your product, a product of your website might disappear or be displayed on unrelated pages. Read the following tutorial to discover how to organize your products.


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Publish the product to save it and make it visible online.

Advanced options

Product options

You can offer options, with or without price supplement, thanks to drop-down menus for your products (Example: product size, product colour).

You can also add a free text field (Example: first name to print on the product).

Digital products

Instead of delivering a product, you can offer a private page to consult or a downloadable file (such as an e-book, video, image, concert ticket…) or an individual access code.

Custom stock

It’s possible to define out-of-stock, pre-ordered or replenishment products.

Price reductions

Decreasing price options depending on the member and strike-through prices enable to enhance promotional offers.

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Boost your sales


You can select the currency of your store. You can only use a single currency.

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Go to the SiteW editor. Once you have selected a Store block, click on Payment methods, choose your currency and save it.


Feature for the Advanced package
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Your stocks will adapt automatically as soon as an order is confirmed.
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Go to the SiteW editor. Once you have selected a Store block, click on Stocks to enable the feature.

Add or edit mass products

If you have many products, you should import your products from an Excel spreadsheet.

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Go to My websites > Blocks > Store > Product management to download a sample file and send it once completed.

This page also enables you to edit your product features quickly thanks to a board or gathered modifications.

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Last update: March 09, 2023