Customize the website background

A basic question…

Here is an example of a website in the SiteW editor. You can see three areas:

  1. The page background that takes up the entire window of the browser.
  2. The content area that is optional and has a fixed width. It visually delimits the space kept for the page contents.
  3. The footer, also optional, that is automatically added following the page contents.

Most of the time these three areas are set for your entire website: in this way all pages have the same background, the same content area and the same footer. It’s the easiest and safest solution to ensure the graphical harmony of the website.

But SiteW really cares about your creative freedom and that’s why you can keep a specific website background, a different content area or a particular footer for a page or several pages of your website. To sum up, everything is possible…

Customize backgrounds

You can customize the website backgrounds with the first two buttons in the “Design of your website” tab.

Page background

The “Website background and content area” button enables you to customize the page background.

Content area

The “Website background and content area” button also enables you to customize the content area background.

You can customize the footer background by clicking on the “Footer” button.

Background colour

Transparent background

No background? Choose None! What else?

Plain colour

For a plain background colour, you can choose a shade from the palette (see previous tutorial) or a custom colour independent of the palette.

Colour gradient

There are many possibilities to create backgrounds in colour gradient (see Background window tutorial). It’s also possible to create animated gradients!

Background image

Unique image

When a unique image is in the background, the SiteW editor ensures that the image takes up the entire available space, whatever image and space’s sizes are.

Repeatable image

The repeatable images can be juxtaposed to create texture effects.

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Last update: July 26, 2021