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February 08, 2023 - Frédérique Biau

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You are planning to create your website but you would like to get an idea of the cost? Estimating the cost of a website in 2020 is not easy with all the solutions available to you.

The cost of a website design depends on several factors:

  • The type of website: do you want to create a blog, a presentation site or a store website to sell online

  • The complexity of the site: several criteria such as the number of pages, the diversity of features required or the level of customization needed will generate differences in prices.

  • The degree of autonomy desired: obviously, creating a website by yourself will be really cheaper than having it created by a professional. The intervention of a service provider or the purchase of a turnkey site involves high costs that could be avoided.

From the free solution to the custom-made site, there is something for every budget! Which solution is the most suited to your project and budget?

Cost of creating a presentation website

You want to create a blog, a portfolio or a professional website? You can find affordable solutions depending on your project.

How much does a one-page website cost for a simple and online presence?

A one-page website is made up of a single page. It allows you to have a minimalist online presence. It doesn't have much content because it is aimed to deliver a message.

Most of the time one-page sites are used to encourage action: call a plumber, download a form, request a quote, etc...

The cheapest solution is obviously to create your own website. To create your own one-page site, the most affordable is to use a SaaS software like SiteW that offers free subscriptions. You will then be able to modify and improve your website at any time, freely.

If your project is more complex and requires the help of a professional, the cost of creating your site can vary from $100 to $8 000 depending on the complexity of the project. In addition to that, maintenance costs may be required for updating or upgrading the site.

What is the price of a multi-page website for a custom online presence

A multi-page website allows the user to navigate between different pages that are each related to a topic or area of interest: home page, company presentation, product presentation, customer testimonials, blog, etc... This type of site (used for blogging) is also the most popular among small and medium businesses.

To create a multi-page website at a low price, it is better to use a SaaS solution that offers cheap subscriptions. All you have to do is choose the offer that suits you best. At siteW, we offer a free package and two paid plans starting at $6.60 per month to create your website.

If you use a service provider to create your website, you should expect to pay between $500 and $20,000 plus maintenance fees.

If you hesitate between a one-page or multi-page website, feel free to consult our guide: One-page website or multi-page website.

Price of an e-commerce website

You want to create an online store to sell your products or services online? The creation of an e-commerce site allows you to make purchases and / or orders directly on your website through an online payment service.

Several providers offer monthly subscriptions allowing the creation of an online store. The price will depend on the solution you choose but also on additional factors such as:

  • The number of different products: some providers impose a quota of products depending on the subscription. At siteW, our Unlimited package provides an unlimited number of products and categories.
  • Online stock management

  • The number of payment methods available to customers

  • Automated management of features: shipping, invoicing or accounting

  • A promotional tool to offer discounts on your products and services

  • An integrated e-mailing system to send newsletters to your prospects and customers

Creating your e-commerce website with a SaaS solution will cost you between $10 and $40 per month depending on the provider and the offer you choose. On the other hand, count between $2 000 and $100 000 for a website designed by a professional

Be careful, the cost of an online store via an open-source solution is very difficult to estimate because of the way it works. Creating a basic website can be free but the key elements required for a successful website must be paid. Count between $100 and $1000 per feature.

Warning: Do not be fooled by some providers that offer a cheap monthly plan but charge a commission on sales.

Price of a custom website

Here is the solution that requires a big budget but that is good if you want to have your website made by someone else. Several types of providers can provide this service for rather high costs.

Cost of hiring a web agency

Hiring a web agency to create your website is a solution if you don't want to take care of it. However, you may be charged monthly fees for maintenance, as well as additional costs for certain changes.

Web agencies usually quote a price based on the time needed. It will be necessary to count between $1 000 and $8 000 for a presentation website that includes some pages. If your project is more complicated and requires more work from the agency, this amount can reach up to $100 000.

Cost of hiring a web designer

The cost of hiring a web designer is based on the same principle as a web agency, ie, the time needed to create your website. However, the price will be lower than an agency. Count a minimum of $100 per day of work. So depending on the complexity of your project, count between $500 and $50 000.

Cost of a turnkey website

The turnkey solutions allow you to get a professional to create your website in a more affordable way than hiring an agency or a graphic designer. This solution works on the basis of a subscription. Halfway between an agency and a standalone solution, this solution charges a monthly subscription between $40 and $100 per month depending on your plan.

The additional costs to be considered

When you create your website, additional costs that were not anticipated may be charged:

Price of a web hosting

To operate, your site must have a hosting provider. There are several types of hosting services:

  • Shared web hosting service: adapted if your site generates little traffic
  • Hosting on a virtual private server (VPS)
  • Dedicated hosting if you want to use it
  • Cloud hosting

Most of the time, the cost for hosting your website is charged monthly or annually. Count between $2,50 and $500 per month depending on the type of hosting service and the chosen solution.

Price of a domain name

The domain name is the address of your website. When creating your website, you will have to choose a domain name that is not used by any other company. The payment is made either to your provider, or to your SaaS service, depending on the plan you chose.

Cost of your website maintenance

The maintenance of your website includes all the changes you want to make: adding content, changing images, fixing a technical problem... Maintaining your website is very important both to prevent problems in advance but also to optimize SEO. It will be easier to make changes if you have free access.

Our tip: If you hire a web agency to create and maintain your website, fees will be applied each month or for each single service. The costs are often high.

Create a website at low cost

 SaaS solutions like SiteW for small budgets.

As already seen, the most affordable option is to use a SaaS solution by paying a monthly subscription. This allows you to create, modify and improve your website by yourself. Most providers offer customizable templates, and advanced features to meet your needs.

How to create website using php

Among various SaaS solutions, we have compared the subscription prices, for both the creation of a simple site and the creation of an online store.

SiteW offers several packages depending on your needs:

sitew packages

Our packages for the creation of a showcase website:

  • The Starter package is totally free and without commitment. It enables you to create a 5-page website and eventually book a domain name for your website.
  • The Essential package (€8/month including VAT for 1 month, and €6.60/month including VAT for a yearly subscription; that is to say, 2 months offered) is perfect to start and offer your business a small visibility. It'll be possible to enjoy unlimited access to the Blog block, as well as a domain name.
  • The Advanced package (€15/month including VAT for 1 month, and €12.50/month including VAT for a yearly subscription; that is to say, 2 months offered) is for professionals who want a complete showcase for their business. This package enables you to build a website serenely (with the Blog, Form, Comment, Forum, Newsletter, Social blocks...).
  • The Unlimited package (€21/month including VAT for 1 month, and €20.80/month including VAT for a yearly subscription; that is to say, 2 months offered) enables you to create an unlimited showcase website with unlimited pages, a wide storage capacity and professional email addresses.

👉 For more information about these packages, go to the presentation page of our offers.

You will have understood that the price of creating a website depends on what you want to do with it. You will have to ask yourself the right questions:

  • How much money do I want to allocate to my site?

  • How much time do I want to spend on this project?

  • Do I want to have autonomy and freedom when creating and maintaining my website?

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