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March 09, 2023 - Claire Tourtoulou

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Adding a subscription form to your website, whether it be to subscribe as a member of your website, or to receive your newsletter, is one of the best ways of building loyal relationships with your customers or community.  However, as filling in a form requires a specific action from the visitor, it may be difficult to convince them to do it. Here is some advice to help you improve your subscription forms, to make them more effective.

Inserting a form with SiteW

How to add a custom form to my website?

With SiteW, it is easy, by inserting a Form block on your website, to enable your visitors to subscribe to your website, or to your newsletter, and thus to collect their personal data, in order to develop your customer database. Each form is customizable, whether it be in terms of content (number and type of fields), or in terms of design (you can choose among different styles, or customize the fonts).

Privacy policy

SiteW allows you to easily create your website privacy policy. As far as the data collection related to the Form block is concerned, you will be able to comply with the GDPR  in just one click, on the blue panel, once your block has been selected.

Where to place your subscription form?

On your website

Make sure to create access to your subscription form on every page of your website, whether it be via a call to action button, or by directly inserting a Form block. Your homepage, your online store, or your blog are important pages, on which it is recommended to add a complete form.

On your web page

Your subscription form must be placed on the most visible part of the web page. It is generally admitted that it is on the top right corner of the screen. In any case, you should place your form at the top of the page, to enhance it, so that your visitors don’t have to scroll to reach it.

How to create an effective subscription form?

Convincing arguments

Be concise and effective. Your visitors must be convinced, in just a few seconds, of the benefits of registering as a member of your website, or from subscribing to your newsletter.
Think about these two points:
Design: your form must be aesthetically pleasing, but, above all, it must be clear and visible.
Textual content: once again, be precise and punchy, that is to say: clear, concise and convincing. Your form must explain to your visitors the benefits of subscribing to your website and/or your newsletter. Try to capture their attention with humor and originality.

Simplify your form

As we have already seen it, the main difficulty related to subscription forms is the “effort” required to fill them in: in a society that requires everyone to be more and more competitive, people don’t want to waste their time. So it is obvious that the simpler and clearer your form will be, the more unlikely you will discourage your visitors from filling it in. By simplifying your forms, that is to say by reducing as much as possible the number of fields and by improving their appearance and clarity, you will increase your chance to collect new subscribers.

Adapt your forms to your page content

If your visitors consider subscribing to your website, it means that they are interested in your content. So you should take advantage of their interest to try to convince them. In this context, a good tip can be to customize your forms, according to your page topic. For example, on the page that contains your blog, insert your subscription form by highlighting some benefits, like access to exclusive articles for example, or, if your form is located on the page that contains your online store, enhance the possibility of being informed first-hand of promotions, or new products.

Create call-to-action buttons

We will never stress enough the importance of call to action buttons. Indeed, these buttons encourage visitors to perform an action on your website, whether it be to read a guide, buy a product or subscribe to your newsletter. Your call to action buttons, in order to be effective, must be clear, punchy and visible. Note that a simple change of colors can lead to surprising effects. SiteW allows you to create call to action buttons, in just a few clicks. You can define their color, appearance, style, font, or add an icon.

Tips for improving your conversion rate

Directly add a complete subscription form to specific pages

A good tip, for a better conversion of your visitors, can be to directly insert your subscription form, on the most visited or on the most relevant pages of your website: on your homepage, your blog or your online store, for example. If you only add a call to action button, you force your visitors to perform an additional click, which can be discouraging. Optimize the subscription funnel, by simplifying the access to the form.

Be transparent

Build a trust relationship with your visitors by giving them access to your website privacy policy, and by being clear and precise about the sending frequency of your emails, or about the opt-out procedure, for example.

Offer a bonus or a discount at registration

You can offer a welcome gift, in addition to the benefits of the subscription itself: for example, you can send an ebook or a specific document, or even unveil secret tips.

Use gamification

One last tip for encouraging your visitors to subscribe can be to present the subscription process as a game.

You have now all the necessary information to create effective subscription forms, in order to better convert your customers or community, by using the tools that SiteW puts at your disposal for your website.

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