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A websiteYou've just created your website? Great!

Our brand new website creation tool allows you to use Drag and drop in order to create and modify your website very easily.

You start with the website creation page.

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We are first going to focus on the most important parts of the website creation tool.

I - Overwiew

1) Your website

In the middle of your screen, you can see your website with the template you selected. It is displayed exactly as it will appear to your visitors. This is where you simply drag and drop the different elements (we call them blocks) that you want to add to your website.

2) The panels

On the left, you'll find all the tools you'll need to create and modify your website.
These tools in three sections, for ease of comprehension and use:

  • Pages

  • Content

  • Design

Each of these sections and the numerous functions they contain is described below in detail.

3) The top toolbar

You can see a dark toolbar on the top of your screen. This will enable you to save your work, to publish your website, to choose a subscription package, to access our free online help, etc. We'll talk about this again later on.

II - The panels

On the left-hand side of your screen, you'll find everything that you need to modify your website in the panels.

1) The Pages panel

How to create a website using notepad

This ORANGE panel enables you to manage and customize the various pages of your website. You'll be able to reorder all your pages and to modify their hierarchy, simply by drag and drop using the grip on the left.

At the bottom of the panel, you'll find the page management toolbar. You can:

  • delete a page

  • duplicate a page

  • add a new page

The Settings tool allows you to manage page protection (password protection, member access, paying pages), as well as the SEO.

The background page is a special page which allows you to add blocks to the background of all your pages (useful for the menu and your logo).


2) The Content panel

Create banner for website

With this BLUE panel, you add content to your website. To do so, use the blocks, which you can freely drag and drop onto your page. You can find all the blocks available on the Pro blocks page and on the Block Demo Page.

To add a block to your website, drag and drop it from the panel onto your page. The search feature allows you to quickly find what you want from among the numerous blocks available.

When you select a block on your website by clicking on it or on the border that appears on mouseover, you can modify it using the settings that appear in the blue panel. You can then choose from various options, depending on the block you have selected. To do so, you may have to use our File Selector.

You can also use the toolbar at the bottom of the panel, which allows you to copy, move or delete a block, as well as to move it to foreground or to background .


Using the different tools you can see on the block border, and you can resize, move, rotate and push your website elements, as described below:

resizing tools - website creation

There is also an automatic sizing tool specifically designed for mobile optimization.

automatic sizing tool - mobile website creation

Here is a list of the available blocks:


Image and multimedia

Community and Social Media

Online Store

3) The Design panel

Web design software

This GREEN panel allows you to choose another template for your website.

Advanced Premium and Pro users can also customize the style of the template they have selected by modifying the CSS (click on Edit style sheet).

NB: This function will soon be improved, making it easier and accessible to anyone, without any technical knowledge required.


III - The Top toolbar

The dark toolbar at the top of the page lets you save and publish your website. Premium and Pro users will also be able to save their website as a draft , in order to publish it later.

You can also view a preview of your website .

The pink button allows you to activate advanced functions.

Create slideshow for website

By clicking on SiteW, at the top right of your screen, you have the option to return to your website list or to your SiteW account management page. You can also log out or visit our FAQ, guides and blog.

Create banner for website

On the top right of your screen, you'll also find social media buttons, which allow you to share your website on your social media pages.

Finally, you can access online help, by clicking on .


Free web templatesOnline help

The online help allows you to:

  • relaunch the website creation tool wizard

  • search our FAQ

  • contact our support by e-mail, if you have a more specific question



Start creating your website now and you will have it online in minutes.

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My passion for the Web urged me to SEO and content creation. Curious and meticulous, I work as a Content Manager Junior at SiteW. 🌱

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