Manage pages

This is the first question that often arises when you create a new website: what will my website pages be? How will these pages be organized? Easily create your website structure.

Add or delete a page

To select and open a page, just click on its name in the Pages tab.

Add a page

When you add a page, two questions arise.

1. Name in the menu: the name of the page is the name displayed in the menu(s) of the website. You can use the accented or special characters (punctuation, dash, apostrophe, etc.)

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What about the name of the page in the URL?
Here are some details for experts: the name of the page in the URL is automatically generated and you can customize it thanks to the SEO button in the Pages tab.

2. Add to menus: if your website already has menus, you can directly tick the menus in which you want the new created page to be visible (including the menu for mobile phones)

Then just click on the Add page button [3]. The new page is added after the selected page and becomes the new active page.

Delete a page

The recycle bin is used for deleting the selected page. If a page has subpages, it’s also possible to delete its subpages.

Background page

The principle

The background page is not a real page of your website, and it will be invisible in your website menus. The background page specifically has the blocks common to all the pages of your website.

If all the pages of your website have the same header with a logo, a picture, a title and a menu, it’s useless to duplicate these blocks page after page. Just add them to the background page.

An example

The background page has the following header (Strip, Image, Text, Menu and Social blocks)

On the first page, you have the background header and the page’s own contents

On the second page, you have the same header and the page’s own contents

The third page has no blocks yet, but the header is already here!


For the background blocks, the selection frame is orangey.

The Menu blocks always belong to the background page.

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Last update: November 05, 2021

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