Discover the editor

There is no need to keep you in suspense: here is the SiteW editor…

sitew editor

As you can see on the screenshot above, the window of the editor is divided into three large areas.

  1. The content area in which you directly build your website pages

  2. The panel where you find all the construction elements for your website

  3. The toolbar... with many tools!


If you open the editor for the first time, a short guided tour will welcome you:

sitew wizard

If you liked the guided tour, you can go back to it as often as you like:

The panel

The panel is composed of three different tabs.

Pages tab

pages panel of sitew

As the name suggests, this tab enables you to manage your website pages. For example, you can add new pages, change their order, rename them… Please note that from the Unlimited package, the number of pages is unlimited!

Content tab

content panel of sitew

Creating a website means adding some text, putting pictures, setting up the menu, adding a map, etc. To carry out all these actions and many others, you will find the right block in the Content tab. Do not hesitate to scroll the block list in the panel to see that (almost) anything is possible with SiteW!














Design tab

design panel of sitew

You wish to have a purple button with round corners and a shadow below, and also an “Indie Flower” font for your titles? In that case, you will love the Design tab! In the SiteW editor, everything is totally customizable. Yes, you read correctly: you can customize everything totally from the Design tab…

The toolbar

Left section

In the top left-hand corner, the “current” or “last” actions. You will be able to manage responsive design, and you will find a toolbox, as well as the back-to-top button. You will also have these possibilities:

  • Access the SiteW menu (W icon) where you can use additional resources, get in touch with us, back to the wizard or just leave the editor.

  • Access the toolbox, where you will find different settings: activation of the recommended maximum width, automatic alignment, rulers and guides, or the files' manager.

  • Switch from the desktop view to the mobile view for your website

  • Enable or disable the website creation tools

  • Cancel / Restore your actions in the editor

In the next tutorial steps, you will discover a part of these tools.

sitew tools

Developers’ tips ;)
Info tips
Move the mouse over the icons to see their function.
For more information
Info stepup

Right section

In the right section of the toolbar, you will find all the "future" actions with buttons for the publication, preview, and upgrade of your website. 

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Last update: March 09, 2023