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Take power over the SiteW blocks! Drag and drop, select, move, push, resize, rotate, cut and paste, duplicate, lock, overlap, delete blocks… and discover the creative freedom the SiteW editor offers you.

Add and delete

Add a block

It’s your turn
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To add a new block to a page, find the icon that represents the block in the Content tab and drag and drop it in the creation area.

You are free to drop the block wherever you like. When you add a new block, don’t worry about overlaps, alignments or sizes as these issues can be solved later.

The selection frame

When the block is dropped in the creation area, its selection frame circles it. You will find several handles on this selection frame:

  1. Move
  2. Move and push
  3. Resize (width and height)
  4. Resize and push
  5. Resize (width or height)
  6. Rotate
  7. Open the contextual menu

Please find details on the action of these different handles in the chapters below.

By clicking elsewhere on the creation area, the block is deselected: just click on the block to select it again and make reappear the selection frame.

Developers’ tips ;)
Info tips
For small blocks, the selection frame is wider to enable you to have easier access to all the tools.

Delete a block

Three methods enable you to delate a block:

  • Press the Backspace key of the keyboard
  • Use the recycle bin at the bottom of the Content panel
  • Use the Delete option of the contextual menu (7)

Move a block

The Move handle enables you to freely move the block in the creation area. You can do the same action without using this handle as long as the mouse shows the cursor (cf. figure above) in the selection frame.

The Move and push handle enables you to push the blocks that “hinder” the moving, to avoid blocks’ overlap.

Resize a block

To resize a block, adjust the edges of its selection frame. To avoid leaving a blank space when the sizes reduce, and overlapping the nearby blocks when the sizes increase, use the Resize and push handle.

Rotate a block

The block can freely rotate thanks to the rotation handle. By pressing the Shift key, the rotation is subject to some particular corners that enable you to easily rotate the block a quarter turn for instance.

When a block is rotated, the colour of the rotation handle changes to easily notice that the block is rotated.

Contextual menu

contextual menu

To open the contextual menu of the block, use the Menu handle of the selection frame, or right-click in the block. The choices offered in this menu depend on the block and its context, but you systematically find the basic actions copy / cut / paste / delete as well as:

Below / Above: Display order of the blocks that overlap

Duplicate…: Copy and paste the block to another page

Duplicate here: Copy and paste a block on the current page

Move…: Cut and paste a block to another page

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Last update: December 12, 2022