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Create an online Store

Online storeEasily create a well indexed, and professional, store website in order to sell online. Free trial. All inclusive for only $39.99/month.

Create an online store

The creation of your own sales website on the Internet is extremely easy with SiteW. You will be able to  create an e-commerce store for your business and can begin to sell your products in just a few hours. To start creating a professional website and to set up your online store

  1. Go to the website creation page,
  2. Choose the name of your e-commerce website and the design of your store,
  3. Select the Pro package (free trial for 15 days, without commitment).

Sell your products on the Internet

The store block enables you to create a store complete with multiple categories and detailed product sheets: name, price, description, stock, options (with or without additional costs)...

By following our guide on how to create an online store, the creation of your e-commerce website will be quick and easy. 

Secured online store

The payments are directly credited to your account and are completely secured How to create a website using Your clients can place their orders on your e-store with complete confidence.

E-commerce website and search engine optimization

Your online store and its entire range of product sheets are optimized to guarantee the optimal indexing of your website within the search engines.


Create your online store


Last update: March 23, 2020