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March 09, 2023 - Claire Tourtoulou

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You have the possibility to add anchors (also sometimes called bookmarks or snippets: which are links to specific blocks) to your website pages. That is to say you can divide your pages into sections, so that your visitors can go directly to specific areas of your pages, via a link or a menu: the browser scrolls automatically. This feature is very useful for you, especially if you want to create a one-page website.

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It is very easy to add anchors to your pages: they are added to your blocks, so you just have to use the context menu of your blocks to enable, name or delete them.
You will then be able to add the links to the specific blocks you have just configured to your website menus (via the context menu or by configuring the menu block) or to any link in the Text, Button, Icon, Image blocks (and all the blocks with text: Store, Blog, Faq, Calendar...).

Automatic update of your menus

If several anchors have been added to a page and they have all been added to the page menu as well, the menu will automatically update in order to highlight the name of the section (anchor) that is currently visible on screen.
If you decide to delete an anchor, your menus will automatically update, in order not to show it any more.

You now have a brand new tool to improve your website navigation. Put it to good use!

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